Monday, May 23, 2016

Laura - Street Fighter 5 Fan art

Cute girl with the some cool attire, and her fighting skills should be interesting.  Display those Brazilian soles Laura.  An awesome character from Capcom indeed.

Wendy Corduroy, and Dipper Pines - Tickling her Feet

As part of a trade on Devinant art.
First time I drew this from a cartoon show.  Well not so much anime, and more cartoony with my signature style.  Hope you all like it yea?

My Version Of Dehra From Invokers Tournament

Do you like my version of Dehra from invokers tournamment?  This is fan art. Here Dehra exposes her feet with open shoewear.  Lovely as she can be.  Fight hard play hard baby!!! ;) She has tan skin and her soles might as well be so good color and soft too. haha! :)