Monday, October 27, 2014

The Footsie Dream Comic

A continuation from "A boy never gets tired of sucking her sweet feet"

The question here is; was it really a dream or not???

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A boy never gets tired of sucking her sweet feet Comic

Dina is a 20 yearl old readhead. She works as a secretary.  She takes public transportation, and also walks a bit from home to work and vice verse.  She lives by herself in a one bedroom apartment.  

About a month ago.  She saw Jay, a boy who would see her on her way home from work.  He approached her and asked if she would want a foot massage since he said it seemed she wasn't used to wearing high heels and seemed like they would hurt her.  She invited him to her apartment and after a bit of chat.  Jay asked her to relax.  He took off her shoes and started caressing her barefeet with his hands, and then after he licked her soles and sucked her toes.  She was surprised he was doing that.  Dina never had her feet being worshiped before.  Nevertheless she liked it.  

She wondered much about Jay.  There were so many things she did not know about him.  All she knew was that he was a foot fetishist.  Since that day, every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, he would always show up on her way home from work; wanting to get a taste of her feet, and Dina would let him in her apartment and let him enjoy her feet.  Unfortunately, it got to the point that one day she wasn't in the mood, and tried to avoid him.  And here is where the comic begins...

Playing with my new toy.  I mean my comic helper.  I had to give help though in mayor way.  Thanks a lot.

Kat and Michelle Foot Fun - Commission

A commission I did for a friend.  These are two of RedspeedXZ characters.  They don't belong to me.  Here they are simply enjoying an innocent foot licking.  Hope you all like it, and feel free to comment.