Wednesday, December 16, 2015

She is Helpless 6

Fan art this time with flonne from Disgaea video game series.  She is looking like she will be tickled and there is nothing she can do about it.  Mua hahahahaha.  All in good fun.  She would have a cute laugh, no?

"She Is Helpless 5" is available for purchase. It features Etna.  also from the Disgaea game series.  Check it out on my DA page HERE!

Til next time friends.

Soles4Me Bday Gift :)

A birthday gift for my dear friend Soles4Me at Deviant art.  Thanks a lot for the support! I greatly appreciate all the help.  He likes feet too.  Hey; just like me, who wouldn't like cute feet? They could be just too yummie :)

Charlotte Pin Up

 A birthday gift I did to my dear friend mdestroyer27 at Deviant Art.  He is awesome.  Here featuring his OC.  Her name is Charlotte and she is just too cute!